Sunday, January 10, 2010

January Caney Fork Fishing Report

Sometimes it isn't the greatest idea to go fishing. Today however, it was a real good idea. With the air temps at 10 degrees when I left the house, how could it be anything but a good day?

First off the ramps were all frozen. David and I couldn't do the float from the Center Hill Dam to Happy Hollow because of the icey ramps. So we went to Betty's Island to check out the ramp there. We could get to the ramp and since the sun was on the ramp it was relatively clear of ice and snow. Can get off the takeout ramp....Check One!

The ramp at Happy was icey and slick, what should we do? Minutes later we were unloading the drifter from the trailer and with a few good pushes, we slid the drifter down the ramp and into the Caney Fork River. Fly fisherman will go to great lengths to catch brown trout.

Once we were on the water the plan was to throw big streamers and with the water temps at 44 degrees it should have been a perfect streamer day. The action was slow through the first 1/2 of the float, but once we found some shade the brown trout came out and hit the offerings.

I won't bore you with the details and besides I need to thaw out. So here are some pictures that help explain the day.

Sometimes Getting to the Water is Half the Fun

This Brown Was a Little on the Skinny Side

Snow on the Hills Around the Caney Fork River

This One Had a Nice Head Shake

David Popped This One in Afternoon

Finally Falling Water

My Turn Again

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Almost to the Water

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