Monday, March 11, 2019

Charity Rutter on this Episode of Influence

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Owner of R and R Fly Fishing and Rise Fly Fishing Advice , Charity Rutter joins us on this episode of Southeastern Fly, The Angler's Influence. Charity walks us through her fly fishing story, which begins in rural Oklahoma and winds its way through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 
Right away Charity provides insight about some of the projects she is currently working on such as an all ladies "Glamping" trip. We walk along with Charity as tells us of growing up in Oklahoma and then about moving to Tennessee where she met her husband Ian and how they began their guiding business. 
As usual, if there is a bear story to be told you will hear it here on influence. Charity tells of a peanut butter bar seeking bear that made itself right at home in the backseat of the family auto. Finally we talk about Casting for Recovery and the fantastic job the organization does for lady anglers.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Tate Cunningham on Influence

Moonshine Rod Company Partner and Drummer for the band Safetysuit , Tate Cunningham talks with us about his first time fly fishing in Deckers, to befriending the guys at the fly shop. He leads us on the path as he fly fished with local Nashville musicians who took Tate through fly fishing 101. We also talk about reading John Gierach books even though neither of us can pronounce John's last name the same way twice.
His laid back and easy going style, along with a couple techniques to help with your fly fishing game, makes for enjoyable conversation. Come along as we meet Tate Cunningham.
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Wanda Taylor on Influence

Wanda has been a professional guide and fly casting instructor since the 80”s. She’s been a feature angler or host in magazines, on radio, television, video, computer fly fishing games and podcasts from coast to coast. Her passion is teaching independent fly casting/fishing  to women and girls, as well as, pursuing fins with a fly around the  world.
Come along as Wanda takes us on a life long journey that starts with her Grandmothers in North GA and onto her fishing partner Capt. Gary Taylor, then she meets up with Lefty at a critical time in her career, and before she chases a Blue Marlin world record with Capt. Jake Jordan.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

2018 Christmas Wishlist Ideas for Any Fly Angler

Are you tired of being asked, by family and friends, what do you want for Christmas and not knowing the answer? Don't worry Southeastern Fly is here to help. First get your day on the water with a Southeastern Fly gift certificate...(shameless plug). Although that's a great gift don't just settle there. Nope, here are the top five items in no particular order that can make any fly angler's Christmas Very Merry. Yep, all you have to do is forward the link to this article and BOOM your Christmas list is done. Then your friends and family shopping begins. Let's face it they will be thrilled to get you such a nice gift. So hang on tight cause here we go.

The guys at High Country Boats are from the mountains of Western North Carolina and they spend their summers guiding. Then when wintertime comes they go into the boat shop and build some of the cleanest and and classiest looking drift boats on the market today. For a cool $13K+ you can slip between the oars, load a couple anglers in the braces, and spend your days on the water.  Link

When starting a saltwater boat company there isn't anyone in the world you would want to have in your corner more than Flip Pallot and boat designer Chris Morejohn. Their first show display was a handmade pond with 4" or so inches of water. That pond had a Hell's Bay Boat floating right in the middle of it. That display proved to anglers everywhere these boats had the ability to go further on the flats which could give the angler the opportunity to catch more fish. If you're close to saltwater (or not) and someone is looking for a Christmas gift in the $48K and up range, this might just be exactly the right gift for you. Link

Image result for nomads of the seas

Since we are on the theme of boats and fly fishing let's stay there with an opportunity to let your gift giver's choose from several packages of fly fishing luxury. Stay on the Nomad of the Seas as your home away from home. Oh and hey they throw in helicopter flights to the fishing destinations and drift boat trips too. Don't forget that it's all inclusive, so you get all the great food you would ever want to eat with wine tasting and an open bar. While they are at it let them know you want that single-premium cabin with a king size bed and the wildlife excursions too. Airfare, tips and other fees are not included and that's why the cost of this is going to be around $20K, but hey who's countin?  Link

Image result for hidden lake ranch colorado

Sometimes it is better to guess what someone wants for Christmas, but they asked and who are you to disappoint by asking for socks or day at the spa. Hidden Lake Ranch may be the perfect fly fishing Christmas gift if you are looking for something more permanent. Just outside Pagosa Springs, CO.  this 760 acre property is situated on Weminuche Creek with 3 miles of private water and the property also boasts 5 stocked lakes to keep you on your still-water game . There's trophy game hunting for your hunting friends and it's close to an airstrip because quick access is important. This property borders a national forest to keep others at arms length. The price has been reduced just in time for Christmas. At $12.2M this may be the bargain of the Season and possibly the best bargain on your list. Link

Image result for mongolia rivers
Mongolia. You will probably have to show them where it is on the map, but they will be happy to send you there, I'm sure of it. This is a bucket list destination and well, they,asked for a list. The Mongolia terrain is similar to the terrain of Montana. But Mongolia has taimen in excess of 60". What better way to fish through the land of Genghis Khan than from a drift boat . The best part of this trip other than the fishing, food, fireside chats in the evening and all the other amenities are yurts! Yep,you get to stay in a yurt with wool blankets and wood burning stoves. From where you are reading this it is probably a long way to Mongolia. With all that travel you will want to take a friend to share the experience. Two anglers make for better math when traveling to a foreign land and there are two casting braces in the boat.  I mean the math just seems to work. Math, its a thing. Throw in travel costs and tips, really the price isn't terrible. At $25K for double occupancy this is an experience and a bargain for an opportunity to throw mouse patterns at 60" fish. Link

There you have it, 2018 Christmas Wish List Ideas for Any Fly Angler and an excellent list it is. Here's to hoping you get at least one of these gifts this season. Merry Christmas everybody!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Josh Comes Back and Gets Into the 20+ Club Again

It's been a minute since we had a old fashioned fishing report, but we have been filling seats in the Southeastern Fly. As we enter the leading edge of winter it's a good time to reflect on late summer and fall. During late summer, I got a visit from Josh and we hit the river with Brent. I have waited since that day to post this photo and report, because I didn't want too many people showing up in this "super-secret fishing hole". So, we waited on this one. I'm pretty sure no one will know where we were fishing .

So what was going on? We had already floated the river in the early morning and we just went back to the pool to kill some time and laugh at the recreational folks who were tying up the ramp. Frankly, it was exciting backing the trailer down the ramp, while two trucks took up the launching end. But, finally after politely asking someone to move their truck, we dumped the drifter and got down to business.

There was minimal movement in the water and we were done for the day so we just picked up the slightest flow and dropped some nymphs in to see what happened. The action was slow and the sun was hot. But, the conversation was good and we were keeping ourselves entertained by watching the  ramp, which was nothing short of the zoo. We were bobbing around and had the best vantage point for viewing the carnage that is a public boat ramp now days.. 

The nymphs were producing fish here and there as people and watercraft came and then went. The sun was almost unbearable...almost.

Slow moving nymphs with perfect dead-drifts were all that was working. While other boats were chucking big streamers with no action, we at least were keeping ourselves somewhat busy with a fish here and there. Besides, we had already done our float, this extra time on the water was a bonus and we had nothing but fun in mind. Chucking big streamers is macho and all (you've heard how some folks are- "yeah dude we are throwing streamers and only going for trophies...blah, blah, blah") but heck we aren't afraid to float nymphs anywhere and occasionally catch a nice fish or two.

There we were bobbing around in the pool and bringing some fish to the net and fending off the occasional boat that wanted to fish our water. And that's when our somewhat peaceful float was interrupted by...Josh setting the hook.

The fight was on right away as Josh began a tug of war with something that had the ability to pull hard enough to stay deep for an extremely long period of time. The fish pulled the drifter around for a while as Josh struggled to gain control. Josh is no stranger to catching big fish, but this one was different and it was perfectly content with staying on the bottom... thank you very much.  

Eventually with some coaxing the fish came off the bottom and Josh began to gain some line and control. It was a fight worth watching as the fish slowly pulled like a train leaving the station. Brent and I were watching and giving orders from time to time just to see if Josh might have the ability to take our heckling and still gain line. Josh did well with both tasks.

The fight probably didn't last as long as it felt and eventually Josh tricked the fish into the net. It was nothing short of a good time and always made better when other people are watching. The fish was a nice one, well above the 20" mark. Josh was happy and this fish apparently made it worth his drive from Mississippi. It was a nice catch for the F/V Southeastern Fly taken from the super-secret fishing hole.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

***Podcast Alert*** Southeastern Fly presents the Angler's Influence Podcast.

Dan Sharley has been an angler most of his life and he is a watercolor artist of all things fish (and more). His passion for fishing and painting often collide and result in much of the work that goes into Dan's paintings. Dan is also a musician, a former college quarterback and just a real fishy guy. We had some fun with this episode as we explored the influences in Dan's fishing career. Also, we had a chance to introduce Dan's cat, Festus and as Dan says "it's Festus' world were just trying to live in it". You can find Dan's website here. Click on the player below and I hope you enjoy this episode of Southeastern Fly presents the Angler's Influence Podcast.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fly Fishing With Nymphs

On this video we talk about fly fishing nymphs and give some tips learned from the front brace of the drift boat. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Three Low Water Angling Tips

We all want to catch more fish and angler's lean toward and enjoy fishing lower water. Fishing lower water requires a more stealth approach. There are many things to consider when thinking about stealth and in the video below we discuss some meetings and such, then we talk about the three low water tips that are guaranteed to make you a better angler.

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Southeastern Fly presents The Angler's Influence Podcast

I’ve been listening to podcasts for several years. When I decided to start a series I couldn’t think of a better person to interview than my friend Susan Thrasher. Susan is a fantastic guest and is a great conversationalist. 

If you are just relaxing, mowing the yard, on a flight, or on the way to the river hopefully you will take some time and listen to the people who influenced Susan’s fishing adventures.

On this episode of Southeastern Fly presents- The Angler's Influence Podcast: we talk with Susan Thrasher about the anglers who shaped her fly fishing adventures. She talks about fishing with her Dad at an early age, the things she learned from Jim Smith who was a real trout bum, and a legend in fly fishing Joan Wulff who took Susan under her care and taught her the finer points of the fly cast. Later Joan selected Susan as a staff instructor for the Wulff School of Fly Fishing.

This is Season 1 - Episode 1. and the episode can be heard from this link downloaded from iTunes. If you listen on iTunes please feel free to subscribe and if you like it a 4 or 5 star rating would help out as well. Thanks and I hope you enjoy Southeastern Fly presents The Angler’s Influence Podcast.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fall is on the Way to Tennessee

Even though the temperature today is 96 degrees and the grass in my yard is so dry it crunches, I promise Fall is just around the corner. The wildlife is starting to move around and get ready for the changes in the seasons and so are the fish.
It's been eight years since the last time Gary fished with me and we did a trout trip on that occasion. This time we spent a couple days on the private warmwater and Gary managed to catch his share of bass as well as some bluegill that would make any angler proud.
Day One- it was poppers all the way. As a matter of fact we fished a bunch of different colors and they all worked. But, as is the case with most fishing there was one color that worked batter than the others. Green. Lite green and dark green with spots worked all day. Sure there were periods of slow bites. But when fishing would slow we would simply begin to make a move and the fishing would get better. At the end of the day we were on a BIG green slider and had managed to bring some nice fish to the net on that bug as well. Yep, that bug is my favorite.
Day Two- The storms were coming. The weather was predicted to hit the area just before lunch and although the early morning of day two was quite pleasant, we had already cut back to a half day in preparation for what was to come. We started out on Gary's streamers and picked up some fish. Then we went back to the slider and picked up a few fish. As we picked up fish the wind picked up too. We were making our way around the banks and going through the color-wheel just in case. Gary, pulled out a dry and, well, he caught'em on that too. Basically everything we tried, Gary brought a fish to the net. 

The winds picked up more and more throughout the morning until it blew in some down-right nasty weather. We made a mad rush to the ramp and just as I was pulling the drifter onto the trailer the bottom fell completely out. The wind, rain, and lightening put an end to our fly fishing for the day. Gary headed off to East Tennessee for some smallie fishing and I headed back home to wash the boat and get things ready for the next trip.

We still have a few October dates open. This year is winding down and with the fish moving it's a good time to get in the casting braces of the F/V Southeastern Fly.
If you are a seasoned angler or have never picked up a fly rod and want to set up a day on the river e-mail or call/text 615-796-5143 to book a day on the water. For additional booking information see our Homepage and to see the latest fishing report click here