Friday, December 26, 2008

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas this year! We sure had one at our house and I am still feeling the effects of the food we ate......and continue to eat. We will be back on the water tomorrow, if the generation will permit. For now, tonight, I am listening to Jimmy Buffett and working on some new flies that we will try tomorrow and hopefully throughout the shad kill on the Caney Fork River. If everything goes good we should have another report posted sometime this week.

We have one or two more slideshows to go from 2008 the Year in Review. Then we will start on 2009, which I hope to kick off in Townsend chasing those Smoky Mountain trout and then moving into some more cold weather fishing. For now click on the photo below for some more of the Year in Review.

Click on the photo for Part III

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