Friday, January 23, 2009

Upcoming With Southeastern Fly

I've been away for a week or so, but before that and after the last post I've been tying flies for upcoming trips, rigging a rod or two or three and doing some writing for some upcoming articles. The articles consist of some work for this website as well as some work for some other folks. Since you've clicked on this site we'll give you an update. If everything goes my way I'll be on the river tomorrow throwing my favorite old streamers and one or two new patterns and that report should be up soon after. I've talked with Hyde Boats, gotten some info on their newest boat and there will be a boat review in the next couple weeks. Anthony Williams has been kind enough to shoot some photos of the Bust-a-Brown and I've been working on the tutorial for that fly. Yep, I have been busy.

This week we welcome MidCurrent news...we've added MidCurrent news to the right side of the fishing report. The Editor of MidCurrent is Marshall Cutchin who is a former Key West fishing guide turned internet publisher. MidCurrent is an outstanding resource for all things fly fishing. Their news is only one part of who they are and the services they provide.

Also, Calvary Outfitters meets this Thursday evening here in Murfreesboro and if all goes well I'll stop by and check that out. See their website for the time and location.

Ron Snow who is a guide in Montana and here in Tennessee is planning a benefit for Project Healing Waters. You can check out his site at Nabours and Friends For Project Healing Waters. for all the info concerning the meeting to kick off the project. The kickoff will be Tuesday, January 27th at Fanatics Sports Grill also here in M'boro.

Also, we started booking trips for the spring so we are already shuffling some things around to accommodate folks.

So just when you might have been thinking I had won the lottery and caught a plane ride to warmer weather (everyone reading this in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Iowa I feel your pain) I show up with this update. Stay tuned in the next week or two for some good fishing info and a fishing report or two.

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