Saturday, March 28, 2009

Art and the Home Page

I’ve been noticing art since I began fishing with Dan Sharley over a year ago. I don’t have the eye for art like some folks; however I tend to like art with a story behind it.

I was tying flies one afternoon and listening Buffett’s Hawaii show on my I-Pod and the song "We Are The People" came on. Most folks who follow this report know I’m a Buffett fan. You know the song that says:

Hey Hey, Gardner McKay
Take us on the Leaky Tiki with you
Clear skies bound for Shanghai
Sailing cross the ocean blue

The next day on the way to the river with Dan. We were talking about the different Buffett concerts we have been to and the stories that inevitably come from attending one of these festivities. Dan had done some research in the past on Gardner McKay and said the story of the man was worth looking into.

I did some quick Google work and did indeed find Gardner’s story most interesting. Also, I happened on a web-site for Madeleine McKay. I was clicking through her different paintings and found the “Catch of the Day”. . I needed something different for this month’s Home Page, or Dan was going to have to start painting more. Madeleine’s work came to mind and I dropped an email to her in Hawaii. She graciously gave her permission to use her work for the month of April. I guess in a way this all just fell together.

“Catch of the Day”

Madeleine also sent along some additional info on Gardner’s story, which is from one of the emails we sent while getting this little project off the ground:


I will keep your email and send you a note later if you are interested in reading Gardner's autobiography "Journey Without a Map" which should be coming out in early summer. He wrote the book as he was dying and I think you might find it interesting.


So, there you have it……the long way around to a story of finding a great piece of artwork.

Thank you Madeleine for helping me out with the home page this month. And to the rest of us fly fishing enthusiasts take a stroll over to Madeleine McKay’s on-line gallery for some very nice and interesting work.

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