Sunday, March 1, 2009

Polls Have Closed

Over 83% of the anglers who voted on the recent poll want to see more techniques. And, the rest of the anglers want to see the reports from around the country. We can do that. Already in the reports I have begun to add a little about the techniques used to catch some of the fish we have been catching. In the coming weeks and reports look for additional information on what we used and how we fish what we use.

Update- today I have been tying flies for our trip to Heber Springs and the Little Red River. I've got several full boxes of flies and some other stuff lying around in the bottom of bags. Also, I can always get some flies out of the bottom of the boat, if worse comes to worse.

Anyway, when we get back there are a few trips lined up and I am working on an outing for a weekend with an old friend. So, it looks like there will be plenty to report-on in the coming weeks and months.

Hope to see you on the river and thanks for stopping by.


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