Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Caney Fork, Elk River, Clinch, and the Salt Water Fly Fishing Reports

An angler could probably fly fish in a field beside the river at the Caney Fork and the Elk Rivers as both are spilling. But, I do not reccomend it. Norris Dam just began to spill as well, so the Clinch is cranking some CFS too. I can sum up the river report from around Middle TN and some of East TN. Lots and lots of CFS. That didn't take long.

The Caney Fork

One CFS = 448.8 gallons per minute (I stole that info). Take a minute and look at Center Hill Dam and Tims Ford Dam, then calculate the number of gallons of water coming through the dams. And, if you really have some time to kill....(that's right I know some of you are reading this at work) take a look at Pickwick and Kentucky dams. There is a lot of water flowing downstream.

Some folks are planning their Summer Vacations! The latest report from Ron Snow in Montana is.... lots of run-off, but he says that's a good thing for later in the Summer.

All this water appears to have a positive affect on the coastal bays in the Panhandle.

Robinson Brothers Guide Service Apalachicola Fishing Report

Capt. Nathan Donahoe

Reds and Trout have been good even though there is an abundance of muddy water in the area. In the long run the amount of freshwater in North Florida is a good thing for the health of the ecosystem. The water temp is starting to hold in the 70s and the Reds are starting to get active in the shallows. The flats in some areas are starting to clear and other parts of the county are going to take some time to clear. I have been happy to see the trout biting good on oyster bars and grassflats, the average size trout has been good and fat this spring. The weather is on a good warm stable trend so the fishing should really get good for the rest of the spring.

Laura Berringer's Red with Capt. Chris Robinson

It's coming up this weekend. Friday night is the banquet, then Saturday and Sunday there will multiple attractions. Some of the biggest names in fly fishing will be in Townsend TN. including Lefty Kreh, Joe Humphreys, Walter Babb, Bob Clouser and the list goes on. The schedule of events is posted here and the schedule for the tying tent is posted here.

With most of the rivers blown out, this could be an excellent weekend to learn some more about fly fishing from some of the biggest names in fly fishing. I hope to see you there.

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