Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fly Fishing Reports from the Guides of the Elk, Caney Fork , MIdlle TN and the Gulf Coast

The Caney Fork fishing is slow. The water is somewhat warmer than this time last year and the off-color. The river has been crowded this weekend (and what would anyone expect for the 4th of July weekend). It appears we will be on the river again tomorrow, just and will let everyone know what the conditions are like first hand.

The Elk is fishing a little slow for this time of year, again, with the holiday weekend traffic. The water is stained, but not terrible, but the fish are responsive to the usual flies. Getting a place in the conga line is critical if you are fishing at the usual wade-in places.

The Warmwater Streams- The pan fish are hitting poppers early and the larger fish are down deep in the water column. The fish are deeper after the morning hours and when the sun gets overhead. Again it is Summer in Middle TN and this is not unusual...

The Gulf Coast (in-shore)- There have been several reports of tarpon running the beaches, as well as other game fish. From what I have been told the fish are on the move, so inside info is a must and the local guides usually have that info. The ability to remain flexible is also something to think about.

Look for an updated local report early in the week.

Happy Birthday Caneybuff!

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