Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mid-Week Caney Fork Fishing Report

The First Fish of the Day

The river was down when Jane W and I left the ramp at about 1:00 p.m. This is the second time this year Jane has floated the river with me. The action was not especially fast & furious and we had a a couple really long dry spells in the upper portion of the river. Everyone we spoke with today said the fishing was good, but the catching was slow. But, we were picking up fish here and there.

Jane is an outstanding dry fly angler, so we hung around some structure fooling with some browns on top. We had some on and some hits, but really didn't hook up like we wanted, so floated a long way with nymphs. The nymphs hooked up occasionally, but like I said it was slow.

You Never Know What's Next...

There were two very memorable fish throughout the day. One came with the first cast with a new dry fly. I backed the drifter up the river and moved into position. Jane took the dry and placed it right in the middle of several feeding fish we had been watching. The fly hit the water and before Jane was able to make a mend, a brown nailed the dry. It was literally less than a second after the fly hit the water. It was a great cast into feeding fish.

One Fly, One Cast, One Mili-Second, One Fish...

The second memorable fish was as memorable because it was bigger. We were still fishing on top water and Jane placed the fly right next to a couple rocks, a rainbow came up and inhaled the fly! After several minutes of tug-of-war the rainbow came to the net. When fishing on top it is critical to place the fly in just the right spot.

The Largest Rainbow of the Summer

The river was a little slow today, partially because of the water level and in part due to an off color. But, the river yielded several browns, a blue gill and a nice rainbow, which made it all worthwhile.

Thanks again Jane and I am looking forward to our next float when we can get our schedules arranged to get back on the water.

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Caught & Released


  1. David, what a lovely day on the Caney! You are a guide that wears very well as the day wears on....and I can only say hanging in there on a slow day with your encouragement---and my desire to go to the top water certainly yielded a wonderful surprise! When I was playing the big one and got a kink in my line that could have lost him, you got it out quickly and skillfully. Thanks so much for the wonderful day!

  2. Wow! What a rainbow...and on a dry...on the Caney! Who knew? Very nice fish! Congrats!


  3. Great rainbow! I'm sure that fish provided an awesome fight!!!

  4. Thanks you all! Was a good fish and good fight my favorite way to catch 'em on the top, with a hopper on a fairly slow day. Woke the boat up! Well worth the wait! David was a terrific guide.