Monday, September 14, 2009

Raymond Sr. & Ray Jr. on the Caney (part II)

Hard at Work at Lunch Time

Ray Sr's. Brown Caught on Top

I just came in from the river, and since I have been sitting here at the computer for a few minutes, I thought I would post today's trip. Ray Sr & Ray Jr came back for another trip on the Caney. Last year they caught more fish, but this year it was the year of more quality fish.

Ray Jr. Had Lot's to Smile About

I won't bore everyone with too many details, but let me say this....They caught fish on nymphs to start, then dries, droppers, hoppers, and finished the day on streamers. It was a good day for all of us. And, as with all good trips there was the brown that straightened the hook and got away. But, we hope it will be there next time. There is always "next time".

Both Completed the Slam Early....

Ray Jr. Completes the Super Slam

I will also comment on Ray Sr. and his ability to spot fish, then, as every father should do, he would give up the fish for his son to catch. A true gentleman in the boat is as much as can say. Yes, a true gentleman! Ray Jr. did not disappoint today and caught most of the bigger fish on every rod we put in his hands. Ray Jr. was on today!

Nice Brown on a Streamer

Guys, I enjoyed the day very much. Ray congratulations on your streamer fish. Mr. Brown I am looking forward to wading the Elk with you.

There Were Not a Ton of People Today

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Caught & Released

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