Monday, October 19, 2009

Caney Fork and Elk River Fishing Report

You Never Know What is Going to Show Up at the River

Let's start with the Caney Fork report: Anthony and I hit the Caney Fork on Saturday. The river was high, actually a couple feet higher than I usually like, but the Army Corps as usual didn't ask my opinion. OK, really in their defense it rained like crazy here in Middle TN over the past week and raised the lake level back above 630'. With the lake level above where they wanted it, the Army Corps continued the sluice and turned the one generator back on 24/7.

None the less Anthony nor I could wait to get on the river and we fished streamers in the current and nymphs and streamers in the back eddy's. The usual colors (white and yellow) produced the fish. I tied up a cross between a Sex Dungeon and Circus Peanut and hooked up with a respectable brown.

There were some bass in the back eddy's too and they responded to our usual offerings.
The most interesting catch of the day was the crawdad we caught at the ramp. There were also reports of huge walleye and large stripers by the dam.

The water is still 60 degrees at Stone Wall and like I said it is very high as well. Wading is not recommended. but the lake is finally leveling off. It may be a couple weeks (barring a rain event) before we all see the lower water we are wanting. The good thing about all this.....the larger browns do not seem to be leaving the river on the stringers like we saw last year. Hopefully they will do their spawning dance and go back their usual hangouts before the high water is finished.

The Elk: What can we say about the Elk. TVA is apparently trying to lower the lake level and they are spilling/sluicing at Tims Ford Dam. The lake however has other ideas and remains constant. Again it appears we may be looking at a couple more weeks there too. The river is probably not safe for wading and floating would be pretty quick. If you decide to float the river, be careful at General Lowe's Island with the downed trees and higher water.

So, I am going to tie flies and book trips for November. All this while hoping the lake levels and river levels get back to a more "normal" stage so we can get back onto the water for some productive fishing.

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