Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Little Red River Fall Fishing Report (part II)

I received some photos from the others, who visited the Little Red River with our group. Looking back through the photos we have some pretty cool pics. Some of the pics I can show on the fishing report and some of the pics I am better off leaving on the disk. But for now we will take a quick walk through some of the other photos.

There Are a Lot of Geese in Arkansas

Yes, I Do Wade On Low Water- Sometimes

We Caught Several Leaves on a Windy Saturday With High Water

Stopped Below a Shoal Hooking Lots of Rainbows

OK you made it this far through the photos and may be wondering what flies we used to catch our fish. So, here goes. We caught the majority of our fish on BHPT's with a dropper. Most of the time we have a sow bug dropped off the bottom of the pheasant tail, but sometimes it was just the pheasant tail. Two sow bugs worked as well and if the fish stopped biting on one color sow bug we could switch to another color, fish the same area, and pick up more fish. The Tutto worked very well one morning and the next morning we couldn't buy a bite on a Tutto. The conclusion? Change flies as conditions and especially the fish dictate.
Rainbow on Pheasant Tail

Caught & Released

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