Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Caney Fork Fishing Report

After the US Army Corps meeting on Thursday, it was time to reflect on the number of fish, the amount of water release this year vs. last year and all the other information they gave the fisherman, guides and other folks at the meeting. There is no better place to reflect river information than on the river.

During our ride to the river we discussed the new ramp that will be built at Stonewall Bridge. I have mixed emotions about the ramp, because of the additional traffic that will be on the river. But additional access isn't all bad, because it opens up more options for floats.

Anthony Hooks Up Early

The TWRA has been stocking the hatchery brats in the river at a good rate this year. So far they have stocked just under 40,000 fish in the river including 26,000 rainbows. The hope is these fish will keep us entertained between the holdovers that make for good photo ops.

Anthony's First Nice Brown of the Day
We fished streamers early on, but the day would belong to the laziest of nymphing technique. A couple nymphs dropped under the indicator. It was certainly Anthony's day as he began picking up the larger fish more often. We fished the usual nymph and midge patterns while concentrating on the best water. This technique really paid off for Anthony...

This Brookie Completed the Earliest of Our Slams
TWRA has stocked 6,000 brook trout in the river so far this year. Each trip we have taken lately has produced at least one of these little gems. These trout grow at a good rate and some say they grow about 1" per month. If that growth rate is true we should have some nice brookies in the fall and if the conditions will at least remain stable they will be very nice fish this time next year.

One of the Best Anglers on the River

We rowed the drifter down the river to meet our deadline. We had to be back at the ramp early and continued to hit the best water as we floated along discussing many topics. Anthony hooked up with more of the bigger fish and I took care of the smaller fish throughout the trip.

Another Brown for Anthony on a Nymph Rig

The First Hatchery Brat of the Day

A Bass Which is Common After Large Amounts of Generation
The big spills produce a wide variety of fish in the Caney Fork. The TN Tarpon were not playing the fly rod game on this day. But, the different species keep the day interesting and occasionally the reward will be a good looking bass. We threw streamers at them off and on just to keep the more aggresive fish honest, but the best trout still came to the boat on nymphs.

Caught & Released. There is a Fish in This Picture

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