Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Caney Fork Fly Fishing Report

Jim and I floated the Caney Fork River below Center Hill Dam this week. Jim flew into Nashville (BNS) from Ohio, stepped into a rental car and drove to the river, then climbed aboard the drifter and we shoved off. We caught up with the usual 'how is everyone' and then decided to go stick some hooks in the upper lip of a trout or two.

The First Fish.....Just to Prove We Were on the River

We started out on nymphs and picked up the usual hatchery brats. We launched within minutes of the water turning off and one tip for starting that early is to go deep. The water in the upper part of the river is deeper that most people think and although the fish will come up to the top, for the most part they are hugging the bottom. When Jim scored a hatchery brat, that kicked off the day on a positive note. No we didn't didn't set up shop in the Stocker Hole, but it looked like an aquarium when we drifted across it.

Picked Up on Top Water...Notice How Clear the Water Is

The nymph rod went back into the holder and we launched the top water high protein flies. The water clarity was excellent in one respect and the fish could see anything that came into their line of sight. On the other hand the water clarity was excellent and the fish could see anything that came into their line of sight. Long casts were the ticket for the day and rarely did we pick up anything close to the boat. This reminds me of a set of four casting principles in a video of Lefty casting at a show. It is worth watching and pay close attention to the tips when practicing casting.

This Guy Followed Us for Most of the Upper Float

..and Another and Another and Another

We had shots at some nice fish most of the day and had some nice ones come to the net. Jim began picking his water and fishing his own float. We lined the boat up and Jim nailed this brown across a shoal. The funny thing about the brown in the photo below, is the fish passed by two other boats that were on the fish just a few minutes before we came along. Jim had an excellent drift and the fish took the fly, then posed for it's own photo-op.

When This Fish Grows Into That Tail, It Could Be Trophy

We pulled into Happy at a relatively decent time. Jim headed back to Nashville and I headed home. It is always good to fish with Jim as he brings a healthy perspective and a good cast to the day. It doesn't hurt that we boated some decent fish, spotted some wildlife and generally enjoyed the day like we were supposed to do...

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