Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fishing Report from the West Prong of the Little River happened, I turned to the right and went up the road towards Cades Cove. This evening of fishing had to be quick. So, I went up past the tunnel and found a pull-off. I have fished this section before and although the rainbows are mostly small, there can be a surprise or two as well. The evening started with the #10 Parachute Adams, but these fish were not of the size to take this big bug. Sure, a couple came to hand, but there were far more refusals than fish.

The View From Our Cabin Deck
I rummaged through the makeshift fly box and pulled out a fly with a yellow body, brown hackle and yellow wings. The wings were hi-vis yellow and made for easier angler viewing. About a size #14, traditional dry fly. This should be the ticket. I advanced to the next run and immediately hooked up with a feisty rainbow. Then another and from then on each pool and fishy looking run gave up fish.

A Fishy Looking Run

One of Many Rainbows

The evening continued with more fish. The decision earlier in the day, to turn right at the Y was the right one. The decision was a no-brainer considering the availability of decent water and the limited travel time. Before I knew it the sun was gone, the light was getting lower and the hi-vis fly wasn't so hi-vis any longer. I made my way back down the road to the truck, cheap victory cigar in hand. I cannot recall the Smokies fishing better for me.

The Hi-Vis Traditional Dry....Nope, I cannot recall the name of this fly?

By the time this report is out, we will be back home and prepping the drifter for another tailwater float. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at the report. Hopefully, there is some information that can be used for fishing in the Park and if you go I hope your afternoons are as enjoyable as mine were.. Thank you for stopping by the fishing report.

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