Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Filling Those Fly Boxes

The skies opened on Monday, filled up our water table and then some! What is an angler to do when he river is blown out? Fill the fly boxes, just a little more. We are a while from hopper season, although we have been trying some already this year. Most of the fish are not looking up...yet. I say yet because it will be time to use the hoppers before we know i. Also, rumors of the cicadas have been floating around the fly shops and the net too. This Summer could be interesting

Quickly Becoming My Favorite Pattern

The Trout's View

The Cicadas are Coming

More of the "Trout's View"

Lots of Buoyancy


  1. Some of my very flies too, David! Let's get 'em soon...

  2. Oops---left out the word 'FAVORITE' above....

  3. Just waiting for the water level to fall. Already seen a hopper or two out and about.