Monday, October 17, 2011

Nashville Area Fly Fishing Report

There is a Lot of Trash on the Bottom
The Elk River- TVA has begun the Winter draw-down of Tims Ford Lake. They are releasing 830 CFS through the spillway. Reading the water release on the website is not enough, anglers need to scroll down and see the release schedule. Wading is tough at best. The water level at the Highway 50 bridge is way up on the gravel bar and the current is extremely swift. There are fish to be caught and some nice ones at that, but it is going to be tough for several weeks. The good thing? There is a heavier flow which we hope will dislodge some of the excess weeds and trash on the bottom. Now is a good time to throw streamers and possibly egg patterns, if you can get eggs down to the bottom quick enough and in the right places. Again, be careful- if you fish the Elk at all.
We Don't Even Know What This Means?
The Obey River- Not much to report here. The release is the same release as the past several weeks, with a short window in the A.M. and a one generator release pretty much the rest of the day.
The Caney Fork River- The Caney is fishing but the catching is tough. The rainbows are coming out to play in the evening and the fish have been rising on falling water. The temperature in the lake is 65 degrees at 10' and the river temps are still right around 62 degrees depending on the depth the measurement is taken. Midges on falling water will work. Fishing to feeding fish is anglers best bet, although nymphs and dries need to be presented drag free and on target. Streamers are working as well. The water clarity is not good and usually doesn't show improvement until the big sluice release is reduced in November. The recreation releases continue with nice wading and low water floats on the weekends. Don't let the tough water conditions keep you at home, go, try to crack the code, the occasional big catch is still possible in these tough conditions.
We Like Fat Rainbows

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