Sunday, February 5, 2012

Is There Relief Around the Corner?

Quite Calming
A check on future generation and future weather is showing a possibility of getting on the water under some semi-regular wintertime conditions. The future generation on the Caney Fork is predicting a shut down of a couple generators, which gets us back to a one generator release and maybe a sluice to go with it. That will be a welcomed change for anglers. Hopefully the fish will realize what is going on and get into the main river channel before the water falls out. The trout may have an IQ of 6 but their instincts make up for other shortcomings. We are hopeful on all counts...
They Never Stop Hunting
The Obey is keeping with the usual release and the predictions are unchanged. Expect the same release this coming week as last week.and possibly in the next few weeks. The initial  Obey stocking is not far away and the shad that come through (during regular years) brings those big trout up the dam. Two events that are worth the trip up there. We will see hat happens in this unusual year.

Fish Tails...
The Elk River- is slowing down the release and this weekend saw a window of no generation. The trout are hitting the usual nymphs and smaller streamers. For the coming weekdays the forecast predicts several hours of zero generation during the middle of the day this week. Beware of the unexpected releases though. 
The release guidelines that were put into place a few years back are helping the trout, in my opinion. Several years ago it was tough to catch a trout near the dam during the first few months of the year. Sure there were some fish in the river, but now the fish appear to be holding over with a more healthy look. 
Below is the operating guide and the red line reflects the rain we received over the past 48 hours. We really dodged a bullet on this latest rain event, thankfully, and that appears to be opening up some windows of angling opportunity!

The Elk River Operating Guide

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