Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Warm Water Fly Fishing Report

White Bass
Anthony and I took his new boat to fish some warm water the other evening. The water was low, as low as I have ever seen it, but the fish were responding. We fished streamers for the better part of the short trip. Sinking lines with deer hair patterns received the most attention from the white bass. The pools, as usual, produced more fish than any other areas. We fished pretty hard for almost an hour and then we just plopped the streamers here and there, while we solved several of the world's problems. 
We ended the evening by throwing dry flies to pan fish. This type of fishing is where I first caught fish on the fly rod. It was a good way to pass the evening and an even better way to get ready for dry fly season on the tailwaters. Anthony's new boat is an excellent way to fish the Middle Tennessee rivers and it was good just to be along for the ride! Now is the time to get out and enjoy the Spring weather.


  1. Beautiful fish. I have always wanted to catch one of these on the fly rod. Well how about just catching one period....again nice fish.

  2. J and M, some of those poppers you are making should take at least some of these fish. Those are some good looking flies you are tying.