Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weekly Elk River and Caney Fork Fly Fishing Report

Brook Trout Are Showing Growth on Both Rivers
The Elk River- The water is clear and cool. The water at the dam is running about 50 degrees and downstream it is hovering just below 70 degrees. It is amazing there is a 20 degree swing in water temps from Tims Ford Dam to Farris Creek Bridge.  The fish have been responding to nymphs and some dry flies as well. Afternoon is the best time to fish dries but we have luck early in the floats too. Find a feeding fish then pull out the dries. When prospecting it is better to use a nymph or even a small streamer. We are doing full day trips on the Elk with good results.
Donnie Hooked Up Again
The Caney Fork River- The Caney is running clear right now. The fish are taking streamers fished on high water. The short generation schedule brings out some more quality fish and the falling water that follows extends the high water opportunity a little more. Nymphs on low water are producing fish through the longer pools and through the runs. The water that settles out just below the runs has brought us some fish and mostly on nymphs. Soft hackles can bring the Hatchery Brats to hand and expect some short strikes along the way. The half day trips allow us to fish the various evening hatches, but expect to get in after dark.
One of Donnies Fat Rainbows Ate the Nymph
This is Just a Cool Photo
One of Many Brookies
Donnie and Brent joined me on a Guide's Day recently. Donnie has been fly fishing for just a few short months and has taken to the fly rod quite nicely. Brent has fished with me for a few years and he is a member of the 20" Club a two different times. He came close to adding another notch in the belt on this trip. 
Brent in His Normal Pose
Brent stayed hooked up for what seemed like most of the day. He wore out the brook trout through a couple sections on the river. We found some feeding bows and went to work with dry flies. Parachutes patterns were working best and received the most looks. We took turns trying to trick the hungry bows. Brent dropped the fly in the feeding lane and a large bow raised up then sucked in the dry. The fight was on. The rainbow made a couple runs and then a jump followed by a deep dive. The rod was bent double and then the line popped. The fight was over with a broken tippet, we took a hero shot anyway. Brent handled it well.
Just seconds After a Broken Tippet
We won't spend too much time discussing the rainbow the came up and tried to eat a dry on the end of my line, only to be "refused" as I set the hook too early and missed the fish entirely. After Brent's fish broke off we waited until fish began rising again. Then Brent went back to throwing the dry. At one point he offered me the rod and asked if I wanted to try? I did and we set up on another active fish. After several drifts, I decided the fish wasn't going to eat. At that moment the fish rose to the dry and the white mouth came open. The rainbow took the fly and the fight was on. Donnie manned the anchor and oars while Brent handled the net and video camera. The fish came to the net after a couple runs, three jumps and some deep diving. We snapped some photos and released the fish. It had been a while since there has been a quality fish like this in the boat and it sure felt good. I am looking forward to the next trip out to fish dries for feeding fish.
21" of Rainbow Goodness

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