Friday, March 1, 2013

Army Corps to Close Fishing Below Cumberland River Dams

Doug Markham has been doing a very good job of keeping everyone informed about the Army Corps. efforts to close fishing below the tailwaters on the Cumberland River River. Senator Lamar Alexander introduced legislation to block the closing. Below is the video of the Senator. I recommend watching and listening to his words. Thinking this isn't your tailwater so not your problem?  Think again, it could be coming to a tailwater near you...

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  1. David
    This is typical of what can happen on any tailrace; when the powers that be don’t care anything about the fishing community. This is exactly what is happening on our tailrace below Smith Lake in Jasper Al. They are trying to close 300 yards of the tailrace directly below the dam for trout fishing---view link-- hats off to Senator Alexander for supporting the fishermen in the area and for helping preserve a great tailrace in the area. David thanks for sharing, because I have fished this area as well as the Caney and I hope the Senator succeeds in his efforts.