Sunday, October 13, 2013

Walter's Day on the River

When I received the call from Walter he was setting up several floats as he traveled from New Jersey to Tennessee. We booked a day on the river and set up a fish and eat menu. The morning of the float it was nice to meet Ann, his wife, who came to see Walter off and later pick him up.
Walter had high hopes of catching some fish and I had higher hopes of catching a bunch of fish with some nice slabby-slab's mixed in. Neither one of us would be disappointed. We launched the drifter and started down the river. The daylight was going to be short so the light would be against us but wouldn't spoil our day.
We missed a few fish and then he was hooked up. The first fish came to the net and we were in business. Before I could get the first fish out of the net he was hooked up again. It wasn't long before we were catching our share. By the time we finished the first section Walter was well into double digits and we were both smiling.
Walter finished his slam when he stuck his first brookie on a nymph. We snapped the photo because it was a first and as I was reviving this one Walter stuck his second. He wore out the nymph on this fish and we changed. After the change the fish just kept coming.
The water was a little murky, but on this cloudless day I think it could have helped speed up the catching. A perfect drift was the best way to punch the fun ticket and Walter was dialed in. When a fish rose against the bank, I told him "that looks like good water, throw it there" and seconds later the nymph landed perfectly on the outer rise-ring. The indicator floated a few feet and then dove. The rod came up and the line came tight, Walter was hooked up with a nice brown.
So it was an outstanding morning. As everyone knows all good things must come to an end...except for this day. After lunch we hung a fly in a tree and then in a nice rainbow, then another nice one several minutes later. Soon we would make a switch...
The fish were midging heavily and it was time for the dry/dropper. The object was to hit the inner rise-ring and wait for the strike. We missed one or two. But Walter stuck the bug in the rise-ring and came tight on a nice brown. A couple more shots another the rise-ring and Walter brought another brown to the net on a dry. Then the fish stopped hitting the dry. We changed to a couple more patterns but they were not playing. 

We went back around to a "mangled" nymph that was in use earlier in the day and the fish came back around too.  We went through a couple dry spells as the sun went down behind the hills but eventually the fish would come around to the nymph that was now known as The Nymph That Would Not Quit. 
Finally the drifter slid into the gravel bar just as darkness was setting in. We hung the rods in the truck and drained the water from the drifter. Then loaded the boat and put an end to this special day. Walter was a lot of fun to fish with because he enjoyed himself even through a slow period or two and seemed to appreciate each and every fish. Walter that really was a special day.
The season is quickly winding down, but there are still a couple dates left on the calendar to get on the water. If you want to set up a trip just email or call/text 615-796-5143 to get a day on the water.

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