Monday, April 14, 2014

Peyton Fly Fishing in Tennessee

Peyton came in from Denver with talk of snow and cold weather. This would be his first time on the water this year and the first time fly fishing in Tennessee. The weather here has been hit or miss for sunny and mild. Winter continues to compete with Spring and the timing of a float has been critical as of late. The trees, flowers and everything that creates pollen has been in bloom around here.
Peyton was in big fish mode and we stayed in the upper part of the river "making laps" through what had been fantastic water on prior trips. We came out of the gate hitting the fish hard and drowning some big offerings under an indicator. Things were going according to the plan, except the fish were tight-lipped. So we rigged up a couple more rods and I asked "what do you want to do?"...
Peytons reply? "Let's swing for the fences." The streamer rod was soon in Peyton's hand and we were working the banks while I kept an eye toward the gravel bars for activity. Right off the bat we had a flash, then a follow, and then Peyton landed the largest brookie he had ever brought to hand. We were 1/3 of the way to the slam.
The rainbow was next as it ate the usual streamer pattern. The rainbows are usually a good filler for a day on the river and as of late they have been looking colorful as well as healthy, which brings them to centerstage. They have been responding to streamers and nymphs and this trip was no different. It is easy to stay with the regular stuff but there are times when a change isn't a bad idea... So we knotted a new pattern on the rig and began a big brown hunt.
It wasn't long before we slipped into a good spot on the river. Peyton wound up the 6 weight and lobbed the new fly in productive water.  After a quick flash on the first cast Peyton set the hook on a "head-shaker" on the second toss. The brown began bulldogging and running, while shaking its head. We were generally feeling good about the whole scene when Peyton got the head up and slipped the brown into the net.
We spent the rest of the float tossing streamers and drowning big offerings under the big round ball. Peyton picked up fish on both styles of fishing. He adapted when needed and fished intensely all day. We finished the trip and loaded the drifter up for the ride home. Peyton was a true pleasure to fish with and followed what little instruction that was offered. This was just another good day on the river.
We are halfway through April and have a couple dates still open as well as some openings in May.  The weather and generation have been cooperating for most trips and if one river is generating we usually head to another to make it a good day on the water. So, if you want to set up a day on the river just email or call/text 615-796-5143.

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