Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tennessee Trout Fishing

I was up in Nashville at Cumberland Transit last week and spent some time talking with Leo. We talked bamboo and he had two outstanding bamboo rods and it was the first time I ever really wanted to add one to my growing rod collection.  So with that tucked away in the back of my mind I picked up my supplies for some upcoming trips and went downstairs. There it was on the table, a brand new CT hat. 
The Caney Fork: This river is fishing good right now, at least for us. Some anglers are reporting slow fishing but we have been having good days. The generation has been up then down. The water release schedule from Center Hill Dam has been close, but not always entirely accurate. Sometimes one generator really means two generators for a few hours then back to one generator. If you are floating and see what you think is an increased flow it could be an additional generator kicking on.
When the generators turn off the fish have just been going nuts. They start busting the surface, sipping, jumping and look to be having a good time. They are eating extremely small gray midges, but aren't too interested in even the smallest dry these eyes can tie on the tippet. Not eating a dry fly is a bummer but they will eat a nymph with regularity. The fish aren't pushovers by any means and there will be some dry spells between ramps. Try a small streamer for some additional results. Wearing your lucky hat probably doesn't hurt on this river. 
The Elk: Don't leave your lucky hat at the house if you are going to fish this river either. There are a good number of stockers in the river right now. Are there holdovers? Yes, they are hanging around too. Fish deep and right at the bottom. The bigger fish are eating but the recent hatchery brats are quicker to eat, maybe a little dumb and it can be frustrating when your offering is headed to a bigger fish only to have a recent stocker intercept your fly.
Speaking of eating, the full day trips on the Elk include lunch on at a cool little gravel bar. The gravel bar overlooks a great run with a chance at some nice fish. Lunch is usually something cooked over charcoal or for the hardcore anglers who want the most fishing time we fix subs because it is faster and gives additional time on the water. Either way eating lunch mid-day'ish, keeps angler's in the game late in the float.
This a trout report, but I am hearing from a few different and independent sources the white bass are staging in local rivers. We may have some dates that can devoted to chasing these fish. These trips are a lot of fun because you never know what's going to be on the end of the tippet until the fish hits the net.

We are booking well into April and have several openings in May. The weather and generation have been cooperating for most trips. So, if you want to set up a day on the river just email or call/text 615-796-5143.

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