Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Elton and David on the River

Elton and David are no strangers to the drifter. The guys were on the boat a couple years back when Elton became a member of the 20 + Club. That day was special and we boated some good fish. This time we would put so many fish in the boat it finally became a bit humorous. 
After I ran the shuttle and got to the boat I learned Elton had already put a fish in the net, while David worked on another situation. As a friend of mine often says he can stand about anything but a rock in his shoe. So after David got the rock out of his shoe we shoved off and began the float. 
We made it to the first stop and immediately the guys started boating fish. The fish weren't pushovers by any means but they would certainly respond to a properly presented fly. David started off catching the numbers while Elton's fly seemed to attract larger fish. Any way we cut it the guys were dialed in and catching fish on a large percentage of their casts.
We saw our share of wildlife on the river including a gaggle of geese. It looked like about three families of geese which were all hanging out together. Another thing we saw was several falling limbs. A couple in particular stood out. The first fell from a high tree when a turkey vulture took off. That particular limb fell with reason. The limb fell about 20' in front of the boat. The next limb we saw was under a tree we just floated under. The limb that fell was about 6' long and 10" in diameter. The limb fell so far and so fast it stuck straight up in the river bottom when it landed. This one really got our attention and we fished more toward the middle of the river the rest of the day.
Elton and David kept boating fish after fish and at one point Elton went 10 fish in 12 casts. It was amazing how he would get the cast just right and then get the right mend, then fish would eat at one of two places as the fly drifted. If the fish didn't respond a few feet after the fly settled we could almost count a second area to produce the catch. It was quite an amazing job by Elton. For the entire day the fishing was good and at times the catching was amazing. Both guys said they caught more trout than they had ever caught before. I have to admit between rowing the boat, taking fish off the hooks, and keeping active by netting fish it was easy to sleep that night and a bit harder to get up the next day and do it all over again.
The trip wound down and came to an end. We slipped the boat onto the gravel bar and with a couple tired anglers. The fish were cooperative and the weather held off...It was an amazing day with a couple good guys and I can't wait for the September trip.
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