Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ray and Bonita on the River

The river has been pretty busy lately but the fish are still active. Ray and Bonita met me at the ramp and we launched the boat from a rough gravel bar. It seems the big rain event that happens every Summer, and washes gravel along with an old tire or two from the creeks that feed the river, happen. This year the event happened a little over a week ago and it really messed up the launch ramp. But we squeezed the drifter in between several other vehicles and watercraft and slid it off the trailer.
We started down the river on falling water and a rising sun. Even on one generator the morning flow was subtle. The falling water for this float was on the stained side. Considering the rain event last week that made sense. With the stain in the water color we could go with a little heavier tippet throughout the day. This would help to turn over flies throughout the day.
Ray had fly fished quite a bit, but Bonita hadn't been able to get out on the river as much. It didn't take her long to get back up to speed and she brought the first fish to the net. We discussed the eagle that had been frequenting the river and we had hope the big bird might make another appearance on this cloudless day. 
Ray was next to get a hook-up and the fish to the net. He remarked even though he had fished extensively in Arkansas he had never caught a brown trout. He caught a brown within his first few fish and before the day was over he punched his brown trout fun ticket several times.

A short time later the eagle made its first appearance of the day. This bird is people shy and as we moved downstream it would keep the same distance for almost the entire second half of the float.  After the eagle settled into a long distance routine, Ray became more intentional in his casting and presentation. The changes he made began to pay off and caught several fish in a row, but he didn't stop there.
We dropped the anchor on a nice little pool with a log along the edge. This pool has produced some nice fish in the past and I can't drift by without stopping. While Ray and I sight-fished with nymphs Bonita watched from the front chair. That's when she caught another rainbow that come up to take her nymph which was just hanging in the current. That was our cue to pull up the anchor and head for the takeout. Bonita and Ray had a good day on the water. Both caught good number of fish and even though the river was busy we had that eagle sighting that leaves us in awe. 
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