Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jed and John on the River

The colors along the rivers in Middle Tennessee are coming to life. The fish have been responding, rods are bent and cold weather is just around the corner. John and Jed came along to fish with us to fish for some fish that are also getting more color.

John has spent some time with a fly rod but Jed was pretty much new. Jed had something some others do not have and that is a love for fishing.  We pushed the boat away from the gravel bar and began our float down the river. We stopped a short time later and began to work with Jed on his cast. He started out absorbing the instruction and then he began to get some more lengthy casts. He dropped a good cast and we were dialing in the mend when he had his first solid hit. Jed set the hook and had caught his first fish. We were all excited but I think he was a bit more excited than his dad and me.
To say we had a few rods with some serious mojo would be an understatement. The guys brought their own rods, I had a couple more and there were fish in the boat the entire float. To start the float we slipped into the current seam and hit structure along the banks in slower water.  The fish were not responding in the middle of the river. Structure along rocks, gravel bars and wood were the way to go.
The guys were picking up fish along a rock wall with some regularity. Jed picked a couple nice rainbows and while we were releasing Jed's rainbow, John set the hook on a nice fish. The fight was on between John and fish. The brown tried the usual digging toward the bottom, runs to the rocks and snags, then finally a hard run under the boat. 
Many fish have made their run under the boat as an attempt to get away from the sting of a fly. This fish made the same run and when it came out the other side John was waiting and the rod still had a good bend. The fish made the usual last pulls and John got the brown moving toward the net. Finally we slid the fish into the net head-first and the fight was over.
The river is running pretty slow right now. A stop at lunch can make the day begin to slow down to a crawl. This lunchtime crawl is a real good thing for anglers. The day slows, they get some time to reflect on the morning instruction and take time to fuel up for the afternoon. 
After lunch we went right back at the fish. Jed was up on the front brace and dropped flies in front of a lot of fish. John was doing the same from the rear brace and the guys were beginning to make a run at a record number of fish for the drifter.
Records come and go. This record went down hard. The guys passed the old record with a couple miles left in the float. The fish, especially those browns are full of color. The deep colors make for some good photos and for some of the fish, the pull seems to be amp'ed up as well. If the weather holds the rivers are as good as I can remember. John and Jed got on the water at a real good time and caught a big number of fish with some nice fish sprinkled into their day. Next time we may throw some streamers, for hopefully,some really chunky results.
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