Saturday, April 11, 2015

John and Alex on the Drift Boat

We have been able to catch falling water as of late and the fishing has been pretty good. The numbers of fish has been nice and anglers have been busy for the most part. Nymphs are the best way to give the fish a fat lip, right now, but there are more and more bugs popping. With more bugs starting to show themselves we may have a chance for a little dry fly action in the near future, mostly in the evenings. 
So on falling water we slid the drifter out in the current with Alex in the front casting brace and John in the rear brace. We moved downstream with the current and soon the guys were working structure along the seams. Right on time the fish began to respond. Alex had the hot hand early and left John to fend for himself. Both the guys were sticking fish on a fairly regular basis.
It's early Spring and the wildlife is really out and about right now. We have seen the owls over the past several years but they have been far away. The picture above was taken on this trip and although it was a bit out of range for the lens, it did hang around until we passed. The fish seem to be enjoying the weather as well and jump to enjoy it every chance they get.

Alex kept sticking most every fish that swam by and John wasn't too far behind. But just before lunch John got on a roll and brought his count up enough to call it even. Father and son were having a good day with some lighthearted bantering thrown about to keep things interesting. 

During lunch the rods were loaded with new leader and tippet where needed. Since the river was fishing as good as it was the Tutto was also brought out of the box. We packed the drifter up and the guys got back in the braces. Alex, who remember was in the front, took the front again. His theory was if it ain't broke don't fix it worked for him. With the front brace taken John was again left to fend for himself. That's what Dad's do though...
The afternoon was a repeat of the morning portion of the float. Cast, mend, set the hook and bring the fish to the net. The Tutto brought some good fish to the net with "everything" on the Tutto tricking the fish, Alex was getting his share of takes. John, who remember was batting clean-up in the rear seat, wasn't letting the leftovers slip past. 
The fish are fat and happy right now. The guys didn't bring the absolute pig to the net, but they did slip some nice fish in there from time to time. The clouds came at the end of the day and we drifted into the gravel bar at the takeout under cloudy skies. Their day was finished. One last photo was snapped and the guys fun ticket was punched. This was a good day for all of us and next time maybe, just maybe John will get his shots from the front casting brace...
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