Monday, August 3, 2015

Benton and Brett Catching Fish and Catching Up

When I raised the garage door to push the boat out of the garage it was a cold morning or at least cold to me for a July day. The day would warm and my tune would change before the float came to its conclusion. We pushed the drifter off the trailer into some cool and clear water. Benton and Brett stepped into the casting braces and began their morning trip.
The fish must have seen us coming at first and did their best to stay away from our flies, but eventually they came around to our way of thinking. The fish we caught were healthy and although some were fresh stockers others had been in that cool clear water for a while. 
Benton was up front and picking some good spots and the fish were responding with some delicate takes. Benton was dialed and his response to the delicate take was a firm hook set with a decisive fight. It was obvious from the start he had fished with the long rod on more than one occasion.
The wildlife was along the banks of the river and flying over it as we floated along with the current. The sun was up and blazing, taking away any thought of an earlier and colder morning 
The fly rod may have been a bit newer to Brett, but he was in a good place by the mid-section of the float. His mending was getting better with each flip of the rod and we were picking some good water while looking for better fish. Brent came a long way in a short period of time and was rewarded with some good fish along the float.
The end of the float was in sight and everything settled down as the sun climbed even higher, the temperature climbed right along with it. Some fish saw us coming but there were those that just couldn't stay away from the guys well presented flies. Some pretty good fish were brought to the net while the guys caught up with good conversation. The water was rising as they stepped from the casting braces and the boat was loaded on the trailer. Thoughts of that cold morning were completely gone as another normal July day in Middle Tennessee was upon us.
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