Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Caney Fork and Elk River Report

Someone asked me the other day how long it had been since I fished? I thought about it for several minutes and could not recall the last time. Then I realized two things:
1. I can't remember much of anything at times.
2. I haven't been fishing enough. 
Neither is good, but lucky for me one has a remedy. A few days later David called and asked if I wanted to fish. The obvious answer? Yes.  Then a few days later, in between other trips, I had another day and took it too. Now, I think I and am back in the groove and may have a good balance again.
The Caney Fork: Fishing has been fast and furious as well as a little slow at times. We have been getting them on terrestrials and nymphs on low water. It is well known you can't make a fish come to the top and eat. So, if terrestrials aren't bringing them up it may be time to take the snacks to them.
The water has been just clear enough to see fish and if everything goes just right angler's have been seeing them open their mouths to eat. That brings added excitement to the boat. Sight fishing with nymphs isn't a bad way to fish. It's been productive.
In August of 2005 the Army Corps. decided they would flow an extra 1000+ CFS through the sluice gate when running a generator. This practice begins when the DO levels run low, which usually happens in late Summer. During periods of generation the water comes through the sluice gate, hits the flip bucket and is launched skyward. The water then lands in the dam pool and the fish somehow get more oxygen. Hopefully they don't forget how to eat our flies during all the commotion. The bottom line is the USACoE's figured out how to keep the correct oxygen level, in the upper part of the river, and the fish as well as the angler's are happier. 

While it has been tough to get looks on terrestrials during high water the nymphs still work. Make sure you have enough weight to get the fly in front of the fish and... again remember to make sure you have enough weight to get the fly in front of the fish. This way of fishing is slower than fishing falling or low water, but the results can be nice. Another way to catch fish on high water is to throw streamers. It has been "hit or miss" but when the fish are on "hit" it's nice.
The Elk River- This river is fishing pretty good on nymphs right now. The upper part of the trout water is fishing about average for this time of year, the middle is fishing well and the lower part of the trout water is up and down. More often than not the trips finish strong, but sometimes they have been lackluster.  We have been fishing the best spots, hard, from top to bottom.
The terrestrials have their moments on the Elk, but the body count comes from the nymphs. size also comes from the nymph. Remember, size of fish is relevant to the river you are fishing and of course to the angler controlling the all important drift. 

It doesn't matter which river you are fishing, drink plenty of fluids, wear the appropriate clothing and have a good time. Oh and don't forget the last time you were on the water. 
If you are a seasoned angler or have never picked up a fly rod and want to set up a day on the river e-mail or call/text 615-796-5143 to book a day on the water. For additional booking information see our Homepage and to see the latest fishing report click here.

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