Sunday, June 19, 2016

Greg and Brooke Come Back to the Casting Braces

The last time both Brooke and Greg were on the drift boat it was Brooke who had the upper hand on her Dad. This time Greg was ready to do battle with the fish and, frankly, to get some revenge on a river that owed him.
Between busy schedules we secured a good date and would float on a cloudy and sometimes rainy day. Greg and Brooke were ready to fish though and when we launched the drifter off the gravel bar we all knew our role. Brooke would take the front brace and Greg would occupy the rear brace. The fish would hopefully do their part and eat only our flies...
Brooke would be hooked up quickly and was back in her old form. Greg also warmed up on some fresh hatchery brats, but he was looking for a nice brown or rainbow to make his day. Greg was soon hoked up with a nice rainbow that rose to a hatching bug. He tossed the nymph into the feeding lane and the fly barely settled when the bow correctly chose his fly. It wouldn't be long before another fish would choose correctly.
Brooke continued to pick up a fish here and there but it was turning into the "The Day of Greg". He tossed the same fly under an overhanging branch. This was not an easy cast but the fly was on-target. The water was slightly less deep than the depth we had set for the fly, but that didn't stop Greg or what turned out to be another healthy fish. Greg set the hook and the fish went ballistic. We caught a glimpse of a nice brown that was head shaking and trying to get to the bottom to grind the fly off. Greg played the fish to the net and with congratulations from the front brace and rower's bench we released the fish to grow and choose our fly the next time we pass by.
Good fishing was hit and miss at times. But even the time of slower results provided time for good conversation. Lunch was quick as the storms began to rumble. We were well into the second leg of the trip and hitting only the most productive water when Greg once again set the hook on a good fish. This time the fish came from milky water as the rains began to turn the water to a brownish-green in color. This fight was slightly shorter in duration than the previous brown but once again Greg played the fish perfectly. And again there were congratulations from the front brace and rower's bench and the fish was released to choose our fly again.
Then the storms began to catch up with us. Oar power is not the best way to out run a storm but that was all we had. We would only stop momentarily to fish only the best holes, but then the water was too milky and the thunder too close. We rounded the last bend in the river and could see the ramp. 

After starting the day with a nice rainbow and following that up with a couple nice browns...with all the fish that chose correctly, all the proper mends...speed eating through lunch, dodging storms and the worsening water conditions...after thinking for sure we would be bailing water from the boat while keeping our heads down during the worst of storms... We made it to the ramp and the sun sun came out. Yep, it would be a nice sunny ride home.

Brooke and Greg fished through worsening conditions all day. It took good presentations and an open mind, but they were up to the challenge. Last time Brooke was the recipient of fish that chose her fly correctly. But, this float was Greg's turn to get some revenge on a river that owed him.
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