Sunday, September 18, 2016

M.E. Makes the Most of Her Time in the Casting Brace

Zero generation. That release, or lack of release, leaves the float plan wide open. So after we made our plan we shoved the drifter off the gravel bar and began to float. M.E. was quick to bring a few fish to the net. She brought Ronnie and her own flies. Her flies were working good early. These fish have seen most of the flies in a 10 county radius so a good presentation was critical.
M.E had a good morning and the fish were responding in all the usual places. We were searching the more shallow water and fishing the slopes of the shoals. That would work well throughout the morning, but by the middle of the day we would need to change the water type we were fishing.
When the anchor dropped and the boat came to a rest beside some downed timber M.E. went to work. We found some feeding fish that were hanging in a distinct feeding lane. It was clear these fish had found the conveyor belt and were tuned into something small. A nymph fished too deep wouldn't even seek a look. A hopper fished over their head would get a long inspection but no strike. We reached into our bag of tricks to try one more thing and one of the bigger fish ate. The rod came up and the line came tight, then the fish reached in it's bag of tricks and went straight for the structure. M.E. did a nice job keeping the fish going in the right direction and as the anchor came up to move the boat into open water she brought the fish right along.  The fish kept trying to get back to the downed timber but she kept it in the open water and finally the fish had no where else to go but to the waiting net.
We left the conveyor belt and that nice fish was soon followed by another nicer fish. The afternoon wore on and this lady was catching fish when most people on the river were really struggling. The presentation was key to her success. We worked on casting some but worked on presentation mostly. I know the presentation is "preached" in these fishing reports but it really is the key. Slight mends mean everything on some days. This day was the type of day where it meant everything.
The weather?  The day went from partly cloudy to clear and hot. The fishing went from good to almost great and then simply back to good. And so it went. As other watercraft passed and people would ask "how's the fishin?" we would respond "not bad". But it was hard for M.E. to keep from that big smile. 

When the drifter finally touched the take out and enough fishing gear for a day on the water was stowed, we cranked the F/V Southeastern Fly onto the trailer. Then we pulled to the top of the ramp for a quick recollection of the events for the day. There was only one thing left to make the day complete. That's right open that Yeti cooler and pull out those Snickers! Ronnie also had a Snickers. Nice work M.E. this was a good day and a good trip. We will chase those musky soon. 
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