Sunday, November 6, 2016

Marty and Tony in the Casting Braces

There are good times when friends can come together on the F/V Southeastern Fly to enjoy a good day of fishing. Tony came in from California and had a chance to fish with with Marty. Tony doesn't get to fly fish too much (compared to some), but from his first cast I knew it was going to be a good day with few adjustments needed. Tony had a good cast and took mending instructions very well. So now we were prospecting. 
After a few casts and some mends Tony was into fish. A couple missed strikes, then we had a fish on and in the net. Yep, this day was shaping up to be a good one. While Tony was dialing-in his game Marty was just getting started.
Marty has been around a while and has fished the rivers for years. He is becoming a fly fishing fixture in Middle TN and knows the river well. Marty is also a columnist for Kype Magazine and self appointed Mayor of Funkytown. Long story short, if there ever was a vote needed for Funkytown Mayor, Marty would get mine. Fortunately he already takes care of those day to day mayoral duties well, including Friday posts and funky shirts on the appointed day. In short his dedication to Funkytown leaves the rest of us time to fish and to generally mess around in boats all day. So on his day off from those many duties, he came to fish with his friend Tony and brought some more enjoyment to a good day on the river. Yep, we were having some fun!
The fish were biting and then not biting on this day and we were hooking up and then not, while making the most of the best situations. The browns were starting get interested in each other and some had just started to make their redds. So we stayed more on the rainbow trout side of the fishing throughout this day, but would stumble across a hungry brown here and there. The day began to heat up and we made a couple subtle adjustments to flies, which helped somewhat with the catch rate.
While Tony had the best seat on the river, which is the front casting brace, Marty took his knowledge of the river and put it to work. We floated slowly into some productive water Marty laid a good cast on the water, the fly settled and we drifted along. Marty set the hook just like he did many times throughout the float and the fight heated up pretty quick. Staying in front of the fish and having some  flexibility of the moving boat helped to land another nice rainbow for the Mayor. We made quick work of the after party of the catch and the fish was released back into the deepest part of the pool. 

We spent some extra time floating on this day. We would fish, stop, fish some more and trade some good stories. The day was warm, as it has generally been throughout this summer-like Fall, and we were in no real hurry. The fish would come to the net and then we all got back to work. All that "work" came together and we made it into a good day of fly fishing in Middle Tennessee.
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