Sunday, April 9, 2017

Stephanie and Steve Fly Fish High Water

Stephanie has been on the drifter before and this time she decided to let Steve come along to see what the rivers of Middle Tennessee can produce. Both our happy anglers would catch their share of fish and fish new styles on their way from the launch ramp to the take out.
We started on top water. The brookies and some brown trout were looking up and when they looked up Stephanie and Steve's flies just happened to be floating overhead. We messed around with that for a while then pulled out the 6 weights with sinking line.Stephanie began by catching her first brookie as her first fish.  Soon we were bringing fish to the net but not at the rate we wanted. We stopped at one point and it was like someone was throwing bowling balls into the river. The river was getting crazy and like the fish we were getting hungry.
After fueling up and getting our anglers back into the casting braces we got down to business. We pulled into the upper end of "Brown Town" and began catching fish on a steady basis. We caught fish on every color we tried...Well, we only needed to try one color so I guess in reality that statement was still 100% the truth. The action kept coming on top with floating lines and down deep on heavy sinking lines.
The fishing continued to get better and better. Every stop seemed like it was productive and when a fish would rise it wouldn't be long before it was sliding into the net. These days don't come often and when they do it is pure magic. We made stops at the likely places that have been producing over the years and were finding our share of opportunities.
We waited for some other boats to pass, then the anchor came off the bottom and we floated into a productive portion of the river. The fish began to rise. A larger fish came to the top and Steve got his fly in front of that fish. The fish ate and Steve set the hook. The fish went to the bottom and put a deep bend in Steve's 5 wt. Orvis Frequent Flyer rod. The fish tried to stay on the bottom and the fight was full of give and take for quite a long time. Steve kept after the fish and soon the it was coming around to our way of thinking. The brown made one last attempt to get away and Steve brought it back, then to the edge of the net. One last pull on the 5 wt. brought it into the big Brodin net. We got the fish in the boat and removed the fly, then back into the water for some refreshment. With Stephanie witnessing the measurement, Steve made his way into the Southeastern Fly 20+ Club

We continued the day catching some really nice fish. Fish that on a normal day would be a photo op, but on this day they were just regular fish that we were catching and releasing. It is hard to explain how good this day really was to all of us.

Stephanie and Steve were a pleasure to spend a couple days with on the river. After we were done, plans were made for follow up trips. Next time I hope to see Morgan come back. Morgan if you come back, you bring that cast and I will bring us some more chocolate! Steve and Stephanie thank you again for spending some quality time on the river.

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