Monday, July 30, 2018

Zack and John- Old Friends and New Rivers

What does an angler do when they want to get on the river with their angler friend? Find a new river and hit the water. That's exactly what Zack and John did when they stepped aboard the F/V Southeastern Fly. Two long time friends met at the appointed time (early) and we were throwing bugs right away. Both guys hooked up and netted a fish pretty quick, then we went hunting for big fish. 

Both guys were accurate with their casts and dropped the bugs where I asked. This, and they also were getting the appropriate drifts. The fishing was slow for the most part, but they kept their head in the game. Then we approached a productive stretch of water. We had a few hard bites in a short period of time, as the storms cranked-up for the day. I was working with John, when Zack dropped his bug in front of an excited fish and after the fly settled, the fish ate.  Zack came tight on the line at the right time, the rod bent and it was on. The fight lasted a short while and finally the brown slid into the net. We snapped a couple photos, revived the fish and soon it was ready to be released back into the depths of the pool. Then, as Garth sang back 1990, "the thunder rolled". We stayed with it as long as the lightening let us, then we made a run for the ramp. We quickly loaded the drifter and took a break.

After an hour or so the storm passed, well mostly, and we launched again among a heavy fog. We were able to hit foggy-falling water this time. We floated into what is usually productive water and John hooked up on his second cast. The guys began a catching clinic for the next little while. There wasn't a fish every cast, but several times there were doubles or a fish on consecutive casts.

Finally the fog lifted and we were among several kayaks and canoes. We kept catching for a while but before long the float was over and we loaded the drifter. The morning was a little slow, but we found a quality fish. The afternoon? Well, it was more about numbers. And, that's, what longtime friends do when they get on the river.
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