Monday, June 3, 2019

Alex and Marshall and a Day of High Numbers

We've been fishing together for several years. Marshall and Alex understand the program and we can get down to business pretty quick on a trip. Alex takes the front seat, me in the middle with oars and Marshall makes himself comfortable in the back of the boat. It's a good system that often yields favorable results. 
Today's trip would be nymphs and terrestrials. Nymphs fished with precise casts and nice drifts would be the ask from the anglers. Also there were donuts and fish and Snickers and soft drinks as well as Kings Hawaiian for the finest of bread aficionados. But mostly it was fish. The first twenty minutes or so were slow with only a few fish coming to the net. Then we started picking up the pace and the catch-rate came with it. 

We discovered a pod of browns with some rainbows mixed in to keep the techniques on-point. Just before lunch the catch-rate was getting pretty crazy and there were fish coming to the net before I could get the last one unbuttoned and revived. Our system was working...
After a stop on the gravel for a bite to eat, I think we were all eager to get the guys back into the casting braces and drown some more trained flies. It was mere minutes before the guys picked up where they left off. The flies kept working and we kept trying three of my favorite patterns. 

The Drift- It doesn't always have to be perfect. There are times we can get fish on the lift but the better fish come from a dead-drift that floats seamlessly over an obstruction such as a gravel bar, a blow-down or a rock bed. The pattern doesn't matter as much as the depth and quality of the drift. The right drift at the right angle with the right depth filled the Brodin all day least until Alex and Marshall's arms got a little tired. 

So far the trips this year have been fun. We've caught some nice fish and had good numbers. It seems most trips are with repeat anglers which people say is a good thing. I just feel good that we always seem to have a good times with laughs and a chance to catch up with each others life. The fishing? Yes the fishing is important too and that why we focus to make angler's day on the water the best we possibly can. 

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