Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 Double Haul Awards (part II)

The Stevie Wonder
(Catching While Not Really Looking)

I am not sure if this should be an honorable mention, but it deserves a Double Haul. Anyway, Dan and I were fishing and it was time for me to fish……his time to row. As we came down the home stretch to the ramp, the sun was fading behind the hills, a light cloud cover was over the water and the fish were rising.

God's yellar moon was a' shinin' on the cool clear evenin',
God's little lanterns just a' twinklin' on and off in the heavens
and, like I explained to you once before....

Oops, that was some Jimmy Buffett.....

Anyway, Dan and I were talking, solving some major world problem, I'm sure. And, Dan had a line out too. You get the picture, no one else on the water, it was a late weekend afternoon and there may have been a beverage somewhere, it was a nice way to wind down a weekend.

Dan gave a slight push on the oars, then just as he lifted the rod to cast ahead of the boat, for a good drift, a nice brown trout smacked his top water fly. I am betting the action on the fly coaxed the brown to strike. We quickly switched places, me back on the oars and Dan into the casting brace. After a brief fight between Dan and the fish, a quick scoop of the net.....Dan had his second really nice brown of the day. After that, I think I won the "row us onto the ramp award" and Dan takes home the Stevie Wonder.

TWRA Writes Another Ticket

The Lunchables
(Most Entertaining Streamside Lunch)

We stop for a nice (insert frilly) shore lunch on all of our full day trips. During a Summer trip, Mark, Joe and I shared the gravel bar with the guys from the TWRA. We watched and listened to the passing canoe enthusiasts, who rented canoes and even one boat owner. All had various stories concerning their life jackets, or lack of life jackets. And most of them entertain us as well as our friends from the TWRA. While the TWRA guys worked writing tickets, we put away come cedar planked grilled salmon. The remarks made to the TWRA guys were some of the most interesting and entertaining one liners I heard all year on the river.

The conversation always began like this....

“Sir orMa’am, can I see your life jacket?”
The TWRA officer

>”My what? Lifejacket?” (The lady while adjusting her bikini top.)
>“I think it’s under the cooler?” (The really intoxicated guy)
>”It’s in their boat” (A lady in a kayak)
>”Lifejacket? I didn’t know you had to have a lifejacket if you were in a boat?”
(The guy with a $180.00 ticket)

And, sometimes the officer ended with “Sir/Ma’am can you pull to the side of the river?”

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