Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 Double Haul Awards (part I)

It has been a couple weeks since we've been on the water. The extra time has gotten the creative juices flowing. After reflecting back on the year, it is time to bring back some of the more funny and interesting moments of 2009. So, here we go with the Inaugural 2009 Double Haul Awards...part I

The Best Bet:

After lunch we shoved off the bank and I had Rob in my boat. Rob is the type of guy who likes a little competition and to have fun on a trip. As I backed the drifter into the current, Rob yelled to our sister boat, with his friends aboard “the first one to catch an 18” fish wins $50.00.” We drifted another hundred yards and Rob’s indicator went to the bottom. I yelled “pull, pull” while slapping him on the shoulder, Rob set the hook, and then boated the first fish after lunch. It was, of all things, an 18” brown. I still wonder if the rest of the group ever paid up?

David's Miracle Rainbow

Here’s Your Miracle:

Bob, brought his son David to float the Elk, after a week floating in Tri-Cities. It was after the big rains of the Spring. We shoved off at the Highway 50 Bridge and when we got to the Bend Pool David put on a catching clinic that would rival any pieced together fishing show. As we floated down river David could do no wrong, while Bob was hanging in there with him throughout the day.

When we got to one of my favorite runs a flock of geese took off downstream and flogged the entire run. We drifted into the run and I told David, if you catch a fish in here it will be a miracle.

A few feet later David set the hook and bagged a nice rainbow. He turned to me and said calmly….”Here’s your Miracle”,

Stay tuned part II is just around the corner.

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