Friday, January 22, 2010

Caney Fork, Elk Generation & We've Got Some Work To Do

The rain, this has been the story of the past several months. But, we rescheduled the trips for the next few days, as did several of our friends that were coming up from Georgia. I am sure the rain will let up and the fishing will get back to normal, but I am ready to get out and be on the water for an extended amount of time, with an extended amount of action too. The US Army Corps is turning loose water at a rapid rate at Center Hill Dam today and tomorrow.

Center Hill Dam Release
Date Time (Central) Generators
1/22/2010 noon - midnight 2 or more
1/23/2010 midnight - midnight 2 or more

...and if that isn't a kicker TVA is turning loose a fair amount of water at Tims Ford Dam for this time of year as well.

Tims Ford Dam Release

Date Time (Central) Generators
1/22/2010 3pm - 4pm 0

4pm - 9pm 1

9pm - midnight 0
1/23/2010 midnight - 6am 0

6am - noon 1

noon - 5pm 0

5pm - 8pm 1

8pm - midnight 0 there we have it from those two rivers anyway. Dale Hollow Dam may be an option. I need to work through this evening, at least, to bring some projects up to speed and get at least one of them ready to release later next week. Stay tuned for a pretty neat thing we have coming up. We will be posting it later next week. Until then I am going to work.

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  1. Looks like I'll be heading for the mountains more for the next few months...gonna be a lot of water for awhile I'm afraid...