Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

I managed to sneak away for a few hours of fishing this morning. I headed up Little River and fished a nice looking section in the park. Well aren't they all nice looking sections on Little River? I told my wife I wanted to try out my new shoe laces. I had to give an excuse to get out... So I laced up the boots and off to the park I went.
I fished about an hour and then got out the river and walked back to the truck. On the way back through the snow I saw another person walking and it was David Knapp. He was also up for the day and we had good conversation by the river. Then David spotted a nice fish.

We fished for the fish a while and finally spooked it. Then up the mountain we went, all the way to Elkmont. We were fishing a nice pool by the road, when a truck stopped, a kid jumped out, grabbed some snow, packed it, and through the snowball into the pool I was fishing. David told the kid his snowball fight with the pool was a bad idea and the kid moved on...rather quickly.

Streamers Work in the Park Too

David and I parted ways, but not before David said I should stop back by the fish and take another shot. I follow directions very well and soon was sliding down the bank. I tied on a white marabou streamer with a wool head and on the first cast the rainbow struck... Thanks for the help David and you were right, he did eat.

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