Sunday, July 25, 2010

Evening Float on the Caney Fork

Anthony Working On the Far Bank

Anthony, Mark and I took a float on the Caney Fork to try some top-water action. We lasted a good way into the float, before the float became a concerted effort to find more fish. We did find fish in some of the usual places, however it was a little slow. The float confirmed some of my assumptions. The biggest fish came later in the float with nymphs and the water is still cold a long way from the dam.

We saw several canoes and yaks. We did not see kids in floaties, but, we did see adults in inflatable rafts. which is pretty darn close to kids in floaties. Inflatable rafters beg a few comments....such as- Who's idea was that? And who said, "yes Junior that's a great idea, I'll get the air pump..."

This month has been a good one at Southeastern Fly for many reasons. This was a relaxing float and a good way to spend an afternoon, and we brought several fish to the drifter. We will just finish this report with pictures.

There Was a Healthy Brown or Two

A Caney Fork Side-Channel

Finally Caught the Train on the Bridge!

Healthy Bows

Low Rolling Fog
Just to cool things off this report brought to you by Winter Floats!

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