Sunday, August 1, 2010

Caney Fork Fishing Report

What can be said about Summer fishing on the Caney Fork? Summer brings less generation, midge hatches, canoe hatches, midges, did I already say midges, thunderstorms, rain and big fish.

On this trip we started on midges, then onto nymphs and as the day wears on we went to the top. About this time last year was when the midge hatches were at their biggest and following a thunderstorm those same hatches were even bigger. This year has followed suit and we are getting the fish as they are looking up. The generation is favorable and the fish are cooperative, and looking up. Now is one of the best times of the year for a trip.

An Osprey Flying with a Trout, Above the Fog
A Confused Hatchery Brat

One of the Browns in the Boat Net

Picking Up Some Line During One of the Stops

....and then the Storms Came
Anthony Working the Tail of a Run
Dan on the Net and Working Hard for a Tip...
Persistence Pays Off

Hey Mom Look What We Found!
Under the Rainbow
Another Nice Brown, but Where Am I?

Another Brown Caught & Released


  1. Holy schnikes, Tommy Boy! Those are some nice browns!


  2. Thanks Rach! We may have caught more, but the fog set in and we couldn't see the fly!

    We were pretty darn lucky in the month of July and hopefully that luck will continue into August.