Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Brent Makes Another Appearance in the 20+ Club

With the recent rains we didn't want to battle the heavy flows of the tailwaters and decided to get on musky water to pass some time. Brent and Alain were on the boat and we started a little on the early side or so I thought. 
We were just minutes into the float when Brent got the first follow for the day. The fish came in pretty hot but then split when the fly arrived boat side. Maybe it wasn't too early after all. We tried a couple different patterns, some bigger and some smaller. The big flies were fun to watch, as long as someone else had to throw them for hours, but the smaller flies seemed to win this day.
Brent dropped his fly in some soft water and brought it through a run, several pulls into the retrieve the fish flared and sucked the fly down. This fish was certainly not the largest fish we've caught but it sure was a fighter. The fish made several long runs as Brent kept the rod tip ahead of the fish. The fish made several jumps and as usual a gator roll, or two, or three. Brent played the toothy critter perfectly throughout the entire fight and brought the fish to the waiting net. 

We took a few photos between keeping the fish in the water. Brent had the honors of making sure the fish was revived and then with a swipe of the tail the this fish disappeared back into the river to be caught again in the future. Brent was solidly in the 20 + Club once again.
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