Friday, October 24, 2014

Craig and Walter on the River

Walter came back to enjoy the southern waters. This trip he would bring Craig to enjoy the day and some fish. Craig had fly fished before this trip but we still worked on a few things to get his distance. Naturally we worked on mending as well. Walter was dialed-in right away and picked up where we left off last year.
Craig worked hard on his technique and it paid off with several fish in the upper stretches of the river. Walter was casting better than I have seen him cast and we worked a little on the mend. As soon as he would get a good mend the fish would respond. Both guys got their slam in the upper reaches of the river. As the fishing got hotter so did the air temperatures.
It is that time of year when the Fall spawners are in full color. The brookies fit that description right now for sure. We caught multiple brook trout and all but just a few were in "full bloom". 
The day was heating up, but just over the ridge was the biggest storm of Fall. Then minutes later high-winds came over that ridge and blew down the slope. A cold front moved in and we were in the middle of it. With the leaves beginning to turn the wind blew large amounts off the leaves into the river. Then the rains came. Further upstream hail was falling in the dam pool. We hunkered down in the boat and waited for the back side of the storm.
Walter and Craig were troopers and were back in the casting braces after the worst of the storms had past. The fishing was tough after the leaves got into the water column.  We still caught some nice fish including some rainbows that were in full color, apparently from eating something that was agreeing with them.  

So we floated the river while dodging storms and fishing between the leaves. Craig improved his fishing drastically over the float. Walter was casting so well I swear he is the only person who could cast all the way to Kentucky when he turned the last false cast loose. We had a good time throughout the day and I can't for Walter to come back and do it all over again.
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