Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fishing in the Winter

Still Ice on the Trees

Hope everyone survived the snowstorm of 2010. The water level below the local dams is still extremely high not to mention dangerous. I had some work to do on an upcoming article, so I took the family and the dogs for a adventure to a nearby creek. We all had fun playing in the snow, tackling the dogs and slipping around on everything slick. Now, everyone is in having their hot chocolate and warming up.

Couldn't Resist the Streamer in Clear Water

So, after the photos are uploaded and the final touches are put on the article, it will be back to the tying bench in preperation for the upcoming year. We are still working on several projects including the Tri-Cities Riverside Angler's Weekend. Also we continue to book early Spring day trips and 3/4 day trips, once the water is more manageable.

I know we keep talking about the upcoming things and there are a few more interesting projects that are soon to be released. We also hope to be back on the water soon and hope to see you on the water!

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