Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fly Fishing Tennessee

The Elk River
The Elk continues to produce fish. The catching is slow by the access points but the fishing is good when getting into the float. Nymphs work when floated under an indicator and with low flows for the most part the drift has to be near perfect. Watch the generation schedule and when you are on the water keep a lookout for rising water just in case TVA releases an unexpected pulse.
The Caney Fork
The water above Center Hill Dam got quite a boost over the past few days. As a matter of fact the lake level rose over 4 feet. Look for accelerated releases this week, after Sunday, with small or no windows for wading. Boats and big flies on sinking lines could just produce a brute.
Musky Waters
The rain last week raised the musky waters up into to the trees with a hard-fast current. That being said we tied some musky flies for use this week. 
Learning to Fly Fish
If you or someone you know want to learn to fly fish including how to cast, entomology, mending, how to catch and release fish, as well as wading tips, just give me a call. We can book a wade or float trip to help all clients become better anglers. 

We are booking into March now and hoping the generation will cooperate for the trips. If you want to set up a trip just email or call/text 615-796-5143.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Fly Fishing the Nashville Area

We just got back in town from the Smoky's. It was another great trip to the mountains and the fish cooperated even though there was snow on the ground, cold water and annoying geese. We had a good turnout at Little River Outfitters for the fly tying demo. As a matter of fact all the visits to the shows, presentations and tying demos have been a great way to spend some of the colder days. 
In the streams of the Smoky Mountains the fish were eating nymphs as expected and would more than likely bust a streamer if presented just right. The water is a bit cold right now and I found a leak in my waders to confirm just how cold. 
The Caney Fork: Center Hill Dam is blowing water into the Caney Fork. The forecast calls for "2 or more" throughout most of the morning hours and they are leaning towards "or more" for the majority of that time. There are some short windows of no generation too and if you decide to take advantage of those windows the fish are active.
Middle TN Musky:The musky waters are on the cold side of cold, however with the short warming trend, well they have to eat sometime. This is a good time to throw big meaty flies. Heck when isn't it a good time to throw big meaty flies? The right retrieve at the right speed is important, but an accurate cast will be the most important part of any technique right now.
The Elk River: Early morning pulses were pretty much normal over the past week and from the looks of the forecast they will continue. These pulses put water in the river and thus we can get the floats done before the sun goes down in the evening. The pulses also give our flies a better float and as the fish look upstream it gives them slightly less time to make a decision. 
Right now the water on the freestones are at a good level and we can chase musky.  Winter trout trips are upon us and the fish are eating nymphs as well as streamers. If you want to set up a trip just email or call/text 615-796-5143 to get a day on the Caney Fork, Elk, Holston or Clinch rivers.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Presentation & Fly Tying Demo Schedule

It has been one cold Winter here in Middle Tennessee and most of the country for that matter. But we are still getting on the river, fishing and catching. The photos for this post are from a recent trip on a "not too cold" January day. The generation was up and melted the icicles right up to the edge of the waterline, which was pretty cool.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy the photos from the week.
Even though we have still been fishing even through the cold weather, now it's time to get out and do some fly tying demos fly fishing presentations. I appreciate the opportunity to speak in front of groups and show some of the things I have learned about tying everything from small dries, to midges, and meaty musky morsels. Below is my schedule for the next couple weeks:

Winter trout trips are upon us and water levels for the most part improving daily. The temperature is hit or miss so some planning with flexibility is best.  If you want to set up a trip just send an email or call/text 615-796-5143 to get your day on the river.