Friday, September 18, 2020

Trip Anticipation, Tannic Water and Smallmouth


This podcast episode with Seth at The Hatch Outfitters in Chattanooga, TN was like going back home. Its's a comfortable and inviting environment and Seth was an outstanding host. You can listen by clicking on the boat below or anywhere you listen to podcasts. And to read some of the excerpts from our discussion see parts of the transcription below.

Seth- I still, I still can't sleep the night before a big trip.

David- My pace heading to the water and heading out of the water are totally different. I'm almost at a run. If I'm sitting waiting on people to come and meet, sitting in a parking lot somewhere usually at one ramp or the other. And man, people just fly into the parking lot. I do the same thing. So, I'm not saying anything about anybody because I'm exactly the same. Yeah, but they just find that the parking lot and then they're like, you know, it's gravel screeching, they're almost missing the turn. And I'm like, yep, I was that same way 10 minutes ago. I mean, you want to kind of be mad and that was me. You know, I did the same thing.

Well, welcome into Southeastern Fly. I'm your host, David Perry….Today we're traveling again, we've done the past two or three episodes via telephone, which has really worked out nice for us and the folks that if you haven't listened to those, those are two really, three really good podcasts right in a row, pretty technical, but a couple of those we've done via telephone, because of everything that's going on right now and I'm not even going to mention what going on because I think everybody pretty much knows is 2020. If you haven't figured out what's going on 2020 yet, just keep your head in the sand because that's a great place to be.

But today we're traveling Today we're in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I'm pretty familiar with Chattanooga because we're sitting in a fly shop right now. And that fly shop is just about a mile from where my daughter started preschool just through the tunnels here on Brainard Road in Chattanooga. Our location is on Brainerd road in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and it's a new fly shop called The Hatch Outfitters. Our guest on this episode has written articles for American Angler, Fly Tier magazine, Gray's Sporting Journal, he's the digital manager for all those publications. He also owns The Hatch Outfitters, you have a long resume here. Please welcome in to Southeastern Fly… Seth Fields. Seth, thanks for having us down. 

Seth- I don't know that all those magazines will have my name associated.

David- Well, I've read every one of them, at least one or two things out of every one. They're top notch magazines, you must be doing something right. Either you're paying somebody or you know what you're doing.

Seth--It's a good mix of magazines for sure. Definitely happy to contribute to those when I can. It's been a real honor to get published. And Grey's had a recent story in there. And in a second upcoming, and I know you talk to David Cannon, who's been a contributor. Anytime you get a, you know, get an acceptance to be published in there, it's pretty big deal. Something worth calling mom, both of your faces light up whenever you talk about getting published in there, which I'm not a talented enough writer by any means.

David- I can tell that it's a big deal in the writing world whenever I just saw your face and I remember seeing David's face too. Your facial expression changes to like, hey, I might have actually…really accomplished something here. This is really great.

Seth- You buy a lot of copies. Yeah.


Seth- ...the Mississippi on the west side of the river and then depending on what time you go you might just go down another 30 minutes or so and be able to put in there what you might go over to the east for an hour and put in there, just depends on where the weather when what the water looks like this sort of thing you know, you got to play it by ear. have to be willing to do certain things for redfish on the fly. 

David....Yeah, I will drive ridiculous distances for certain fish. Tarpon and especially our first time I came talk about tarpon because I haven't caught one yet and I've just been I've been on boats. But anyway, our first time down to Louisiana we drove an hour and then we got in the boat and went out Chandler islands you know in a skiff. If you can imagine that. When about another hour and 1015 minutes out there. I'll do some pretty ridiculous stuff to get what I'm looking for. And it was super productive day two, so it was well worth it. Now I've always wanted to fish there. But it's it's part of that excitement of just a trip. 

Seth- You know, driving down if it wasn't for gas, I'd never stop for a tarpon trip