Sunday, December 17, 2017

Steven and Austin and Another 20+ Club Entry

This trip seemed to take place a long time back, but it is difficult to forget such a good day. After we found a date that would work, Steven and Austin were at the satellite office of Southeastern Fly (the boat ramp parking lot) at the appointed time. We were on the water early and the guys were working their bugs in the likely spots. Steven, who was getting ready to move North, was enjoying one of his last days in Middle TN under blue skies and heat. Heat was an understatement. As I am just writing this report, I can only imagine Steven is cold up north, but hopefully looking back on this day with warm memories.
Throughout most of the morning Steven was picking up the fish. The numbers weren't coming to him with ease but they were coming more in his direction. Austin was sitting in the back of the boat with a few hits and some fish missed. But, he kept his focus and continued to let us know he was really just waiting on just the right fish. It was getting late in the float. 
The sun broke into full blaze and the F/V Southeastern Fly continued down the river. Steven brought a brookie to the net and then Austin made his way to the front brace. We were getting into some traffic and our solitude was soon overtaken by others. Austin stepped up to the front brace and we began drifting through likely water.

Then after a few moments of silence Austin wound up the came tight on the rod and the Orvis Recon showed us a good bend. The fight was classic brown trout. Always pulling. Always digging. Austin kept the rod tip at the perfect angle and worked the fish off the bottom. Finally the fish entered the final stages of the fight. With a lift on the butt-section  of the rod the head of the fish broke the surface and it came into the net. With that fish Austin entered the Southeastern Fly 20+ Club

So, Steven caught the most fish of the day. Let's just say he sure didn't miss many and did a real nice job bringing them to the net. Austin, true to his word, really did appear to be waiting on just the right fish.
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