Thursday, July 23, 2020

Landlocked Striper & Carp On The Fly

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Landlocked stripers on the fly and carp on the fly. Begin cracking the code for catching these two difficult to catch species, when Southeastern Fly Guide and Host David Perry talks at length with Guide Henry Cowen in this episode. Henry leaves no stone un-turned as he talks about fly choice, the makeup of the species in salt and freshwater. Henry is a master at reading lakes and he goes in-depth about reading bottom contours, how to find the fish and how wildlife can work in your favor when hunting stripers. 
The discussion turns to carp and approaches to the species in different situations. Fly choices and feeding patterns are other topics that will peak your interest.
The guys compare football to steelhead and answer possibly the most compelling hot dog question, one that has been lingering for decades. 
Go listen to this episode, it is sure to make you a better angler.