Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Josh Comes Back and Gets Into the 20+ Club Again

It's been a minute since we had a old fashioned fishing report, but we have been filling seats in the Southeastern Fly. As we enter the leading edge of winter it's a good time to reflect on late summer and fall. During late summer, I got a visit from Josh and we hit the river with Brent. I have waited since that day to post this photo and report, because I didn't want too many people showing up in this "super-secret fishing hole". So, we waited on this one. I'm pretty sure no one will know where we were fishing .

So what was going on? We had already floated the river in the early morning and we just went back to the pool to kill some time and laugh at the recreational folks who were tying up the ramp. Frankly, it was exciting backing the trailer down the ramp, while two trucks took up the launching end. But, finally after politely asking someone to move their truck, we dumped the drifter and got down to business.

There was minimal movement in the water and we were done for the day so we just picked up the slightest flow and dropped some nymphs in to see what happened. The action was slow and the sun was hot. But, the conversation was good and we were keeping ourselves entertained by watching the  ramp, which was nothing short of the zoo. We were bobbing around and had the best vantage point for viewing the carnage that is a public boat ramp now days.. 

The nymphs were producing fish here and there as people and watercraft came and then went. The sun was almost unbearable...almost.

Slow moving nymphs with perfect dead-drifts were all that was working. While other boats were chucking big streamers with no action, we at least were keeping ourselves somewhat busy with a fish here and there. Besides, we had already done our float, this extra time on the water was a bonus and we had nothing but fun in mind. Chucking big streamers is macho and all (you've heard how some folks are- "yeah dude we are throwing streamers and only going for trophies...blah, blah, blah") but heck we aren't afraid to float nymphs anywhere and occasionally catch a nice fish or two.

There we were bobbing around in the pool and bringing some fish to the net and fending off the occasional boat that wanted to fish our water. And that's when our somewhat peaceful float was interrupted by...Josh setting the hook.

The fight was on right away as Josh began a tug of war with something that had the ability to pull hard enough to stay deep for an extremely long period of time. The fish pulled the drifter around for a while as Josh struggled to gain control. Josh is no stranger to catching big fish, but this one was different and it was perfectly content with staying on the bottom... thank you very much.  

Eventually with some coaxing the fish came off the bottom and Josh began to gain some line and control. It was a fight worth watching as the fish slowly pulled like a train leaving the station. Brent and I were watching and giving orders from time to time just to see if Josh might have the ability to take our heckling and still gain line. Josh did well with both tasks.

The fight probably didn't last as long as it felt and eventually Josh tricked the fish into the net. It was nothing short of a good time and always made better when other people are watching. The fish was a nice one, well above the 20" mark. Josh was happy and this fish apparently made it worth his drive from Mississippi. It was a nice catch for the F/V Southeastern Fly taken from the super-secret fishing hole.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

***Podcast Alert*** Southeastern Fly presents the Angler's Influence Podcast.

Dan Sharley has been an angler most of his life and he is a watercolor artist of all things fish (and more). His passion for fishing and painting often collide and result in much of the work that goes into Dan's paintings. Dan is also a musician, a former college quarterback and just a real fishy guy. We had some fun with this episode as we explored the influences in Dan's fishing career. Also, we had a chance to introduce Dan's cat, Festus and as Dan says "it's Festus' world were just trying to live in it". You can find Dan's website here. Click on the player below and I hope you enjoy this episode of Southeastern Fly presents the Angler's Influence Podcast.